Gateway progression


David –

  • The SSO sign in and sign out has been finished
  •  basic information is also being retrieved and displayed when a user logs in whether they are students or staff members. An issue is still standing with regards to retrieving the printer information but this is being looked at.
  •  A timetable link for students has also been added once they login to the Gateway.
  • New CSS for styling the output of the user information is being looked into.


Dale –

  • The weather RSS feeds have been updated and are being adjusted.
  • The animation when scrolling over the buttons in the gateway is also being worked on, new image icons are being customized etc.
  • Bus time integration is also being looked at and worked on. (ATOC)
  • Train time integration is also being looked at and worked on. (ATOC)






The Installation of the development enviroment has been setup for both myself and Dale. Some very slight changes have also been modified to the springboard layout in the different tier icons.

Worked on:-

The Single Sign on access through the gateway is currently been worked on by myself and Dale is working on the RSS feeds from the weather and train times.